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Touch-Up Kits

We strongly recommend cleaning and conditioning your leather with leatherforever cleaner conditioner first for best results before using our colour restorers. The colour may then be applied with the sponge in 2-3 thin coats. You can assist the drying process by using either a heat gun or a hair dryer. This will help to create a new membrane on the area that you are working on.

When this is dry apply a further 2-3 coats of the leather finish, also applied with the sponge. This will create a hard, durable finish and to prevent the colour from wearing through again. This is a clear coating. There are 2 bottles provided. One will give a matt finish, the other is gloss. To create a satin finish mix the two together.

A very professional finish can be achieved using these kits and therefore saving a lot of expense compared to using specialist repair companies. Should you wish to completely re-colour your seats please see our re-colouring section.

Re-colouring kit contents

The kit will comprise of:
Adequate solvents for rubbing down
Alcohol cleaner for de-greasing and cleaning
Colourant – colour matched by you
Clear sealant to finish
Air brush and propellants for application
All necessary wipes
Full instructions to complete


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