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Sovereign Woodcare

Suitable for antique or modern furniture and created in 1895.

Formulated to not only polish, but to clean your furniture at the same time. Unlike waxes and spray polishes that contain silicones that build up to create a residue on highly polished surfaces, thus creating smears, hazing and stickiness.

Sovereign woodcare is designed to restore the original finish to quality furniture with one wipe, using a natural mixture of oils and spirits emulsified within a secret formula. Used by professional craftsmen for well over 100 years. It breathes life into old furniture acting as a woodfood and covering scratches and scuffs.

Apply using a soft, dry cloth and just enough liquid to impregnate the cloth. Little is more. Simply treat your much loved furniture giving an anti-static finish. You will be amazed how dust free your furniture will stay by not using silicone sprays.


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