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The colour restorers are self-sealing and therefore will not transfer onto clothing. Fantastic results can be achieved instantly. If you have a rub mark where the colour has worn off completely, please see our touch-up kits. We strongly recommend cleaning and conditioning your leather with leatherforever cleaner conditioner first for best results before using our colour restorers.

Our colour restorers are designed as a water-based dye to strengthen and improve the colour of your leather. Unlike waxed products like boot polish they will not leave a residue that will come off on clothing.


We produce a range of 19 base colours.

Each one will help to bring back the original strength of colour and disguise fading, surface scratches and scuffs. On the dark colours especially you will notice instant results.


Each colour will cover 2-3 shades either side of the base colour within the spectrum, so an exact colour match is not required – you simply choose the nearest shade from the colour chart to match your requirement. A 250ml pot will generally treat a set of vehicle seats 2-3 times.


These can be applied with a lint-free soft dry cloth. Massage the cream into the affective areas in a circular motion, leave to penetrate for 20-30 minutes, then buff off vigorously to remove any residue. Repeat if necessary.

Leather Forever Colour Restorers
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