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Leather Forever can be used on old and new leather alike. Apply liberally with a soft, lint-free cloth or apply directly onto the leather and massage in with the hands. On old leather that has gone hard, it may be left on overnight to penetrate and will significantly breathe life back into old seats, helping to make them soft and supple again.


Finally buff off with a clean cloth. This will also help to re-instate the leather aroma and act as a preservative to maintain the suppleness. On modern leathers 15-20 minutes is normally adequate to clean, nourish and to prevent deterioration.

Cleaner and Conditioner - 2 litre

  • Use Leather Forever cleaner conditioner to treat your leather 3-4 times a year in order to maintain it properly and prevent surface cracking.


    It is water soluble so may be diluted using 4 parts waters to 1 part cleaner conditioner. Ideally mix it into a spray bottle and then use as a wash to remove dirt and stickiness from pets and children etc.

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