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We produce a range of 10 touch-up kits. We strongly recommend cleaning and conditioning your leather with leatherforever cleaner conditioner first for best results before using our colour restorers.


Colours in the range: Ivory, Grey, Cream, Black, Beige, Blue, Medium Brown, Green, Dark Brown, Red


Re-conalising Kits
Please call us for advice.

Touch-Up Repair Kits - Cream

  • The colour may then be applied with the sponge in 2-3 thin coats. You can assist the drying process by using either a heat gun or a hair dryer. This will help to create a new membrane on the area that you are working on.


    A very professional finish can be achieved using these kits and therefore saving a lot of expense compared to using specialist repair companies. Should you wish to completely re-colour your seats please see our re-colouring section.

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